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Impact of Swindon Housing Development on Drainage

Swindon, a town of 40 km² in the southwest of England with charming historic estates and number of attractions, over the past few years have become one of the most economically developed areas in the Wiltshire country.

With its 703,000 population and still growing, more than 29,000 businesses thrive in this area. The motorways together with the railway, which Swindon town is recognisable for even centuries ago, Swindon is within an hour of five major cities: Oxford, Reading, Gloucester, Cardiff, and Bristol. The fast economic growth led to increased housing development as well as a rapid construction of business districts, growth zones, and together they had a significant impact on the drainage in the city. What was once simple, needed upgrades to withstand the needs of the rapidly growing population. Additionally to the old ones, new pipelines needed to be installed. Common problems opened the doors for the development of new businesses in the field of unblocking the Blocked drains in Swindon.

  1. Maintenance and high-quality pipes are #1

As we previously mentioned, due to the housing development and increased population, priority to maintaining the Swindon drainage systems must be given in order to, all the after effects, that might be hazardous too, be avoided. It is strongly recommended that besides maintaining the drainage, also, the best equipment must be installed in order to be long-lasting. The pipes taking the waste from the inside to the outside is the place where most of the problems occur thus the much-needed maintenance to keep the plumbing system fully functional. The most effective way to clean a blocked drainage is with high-pressure water jetting unit. To accomplish this you must contact a proper Swindon Drainage company (DrainsClean). If the drainage system is constructed from low-quality materials, the cleaning might lead to leakages or a possible collapsing of the drainage system. However, if the drainage system is from high-quality construction and pipes, no need to worry.

Another thing we mustn’t forget about is how our health and safety are deeply connected to the properly-functioning drainage system. The water that is being drained from our homes, kitchen, and baths, is the homeland for dangerous insects, viruses, and bacteria that can even be life threatening to all human beings.

Poorly designed drainage, inadequate pipe sizing, build-up fat and foreign matter causing obstruction, are just a few of the problems people couldn’t handle by themselves.

  1. What can you do before calling drainage clearing company?

  • First things first, how can you know you have a problem with your drain? Don’t ignore the obvious warning signs like pooling water in the shower while taking a bath, the longer time it takes your sink to drain, unusual and unpleasant odours in the bathroom. If you do notice one or more of this signs and clean your drain immediately, you will prevent serious problems from occurring. Besides removing hair and other stuff in the drain you can try out other things too.

  • Try using a wire coat hanger to unblock your waste pipes. Firstly straighten it out and create a hook that will help you to pull things out. Slowly but reassuringly together with the help of hot water, you can try your best to prevent a potential disaster.

  • Baking soda and vinegar can be a deadly combination for the blocked drain. Mix vinegar and 1/3rd of baking soda, pour it down the sink and leave it like that overnight.

  • Try using a chemical known as Sodium Hydroxide or commonly known as Caustic Soda that can be dangerous and cause some serious chemical burns (Use extreme caution). You must protect the skin on your hands with some hard-rubber gloves and use protection for your eyes. Mix three cups of soda together with a ¾ gallon of cold water in a bucket and stir it up for a couple of minutes. Eventually, when it starts to heat up and fizz, it`s ready to be poured down the drains. When you do pour it down the drain pipe, wait somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour and then flush it with boiling water.

  • If all of the chemicals don’t work out, you can try using a specially designed flexible metal rope with a spiral end called Drain Snake.

If all this doesn’t work out, eventually to avoid disaster you must call a specialist Drainage Engineer to clean your Blocked drains in Swindon.

  1. Tips for avoiding blocked drains

Blocked drains are a headache for all homeowners. No one can bring you back the hard-earned money and the precious time to properly repair the drainage system but prevention is the answer to your prayers. There exist more than one way to prevent clogging from occurring.

In the first place, you need to be careful what goes down your kitchen sink. Forget about all of the food remains even if you do have a garbage disposal. They can stick to each other and eventually form a bigger piece that will obstruct the pipe. Also, plumbers from all around the world can agree that coffee and hot grease are the number one reasons for a clogged sink. The leftovers from your favourite coffee can end up in the compost heap and the grease into a proper container.

If something happens to fall down the sink like buttons, hairpins, change or other small things, take the time to fish them out the drain. Although at first, it might not seem like that much of a problem, over a longer period of time they can get stuck down the pipes collecting hair, soap, and food, eventually blocking your pipe. Even better, put a catcher in your sink in the bathroom and in the kitchen. This can be a cheap solution to a very expensive problem. This way, all of the hairpins and small objects will never have a chance to fall down and get stuck in the drainage system.

Make sure you clean the plugholes regularly. The bathroom sink and the bathtub ones are especially prone to get blocked from soap scum and hair-balls.

When it comes to the toilet, you must completely forget about flushing down any kind of wipes, they are not water-dissolvable thus they can easily block the pipe (baby wipes, household wipes, and personal cleansing wipes).

Proper planning and installing of high-quality material pipes will go a long way in preventing Drain blockages in Swindon but you can go a step further to prevent them and take care of what goes down your drainage. If a blockage does happen, you should call for help that will help you with a Blocked drain in Swindon.

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