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Blocked Toilet Swindon

If your home, office or other commercial space has a blocked toilet in Swindon, make us your first call! Blocked sinks and toilets are common problems in any property, however the good news is that many of these blockages can be sorted using at home methods. However, if your drains have become heavily clogged with toilet paper, hair or non-flushable items, then it’s probably time to call in a professional. Our specialist team will work quickly and efficiently to get rid of blockages and restore full functionality to your kitchen or bathroom. Furthermore, we provide all of our services for competitive prices!

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Toilet in Modern Bathroom

How To Unblock a Toilet

It is always worth trying to unblock a toilet yourself before contacting us. Whether the drain is partially or completely plugged, try to flush and give the water 10 minutes to drop before using a plunger. Here are some of our plunging tips:

If this does not sort the problem, you may have a bigger plumbing issue and will need the help of an expert – call Drainsclean Ltd today!

Do You Have a Blocked Sink?

With blocked sinks, it is best to avoid harsh chemicals for any clogs and blockages. With time, overusing commercial drain cleaners can cause corrosion and spring leaks as there are certain types of pipes that should not have these chemicals used on them. The team at Drainsclean Ltd are available 24 hours a day and can handle any emergency, so if your sink isn’t functioning as it should, then we are here to help.

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Call us if you have a blocked toilet in Swindon or the surrounding areas of Wiltshire.
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